Saturday, August 16, 2014

Squidoo to Go Away and Delete (or Transfer) All Your Content!

This is just in.  I went to my Squidoo site to work on my lenses and found out that Squidoo is closing.  What a shock. This is the message:
Squidoo is shutting down

You have a couple of weeks, almost, to move your content to Hubpages or it will all be transferred automatically.  All content will be deleted in October. Yikes.  I have several lenses that I've made for my clients and myself on Squidoo which has been an excellent site until now.  There's a lot of work however I stand to lose if I don't move it. Some of my lenses are great and others are still works in progress, soon to be greater.  They'll have to be greater Hubpages now.  Squidoo has been frustrating lately since some lenses would unpublish without any reason and then I'd have to spend time getting them republished. This was a minor inconvenience compared what this news means.  Now I have to move all the Squidoo content to Hubpages.

I tried the transfer button button as shown above but since I already have a Hubpages account it says my user name already in use. Of course it is.  There should be a way of moving to an existing account. Maybe I'll move them manually.  I hope I don't get flagged for duplicate content since the content is already on Squidoo, if only temporarily.

I wonder if some people who are not be paying attention to their lenses or are on summer vacation will try to log in and find all their content transferred automatically.  

I was planning on writing a blog post this weekend about using Squidoo or Hubpages as an SEO strategy. Creating Web 2.0 sites IS an acceptable white hat way of a creating a good link if you do it right. The Squidoo lens or Hubpage needs to be well-written original content.  No spinning or duplicate content is tolerated and will cause trouble for you.  Duplicate content isn't fair to the original writer.  Photos and other images spruce it up.  There shouldn't keyword stuffing or too many links to your site.  Creating Hubpages and other 2.0 sites is a lot of work for just a couple of links and some are "no followed" but it is great for traffic and an SEO boost. People link to your Hubpage and your Hubpage links to your site and it is all great organic natural linking happening for you.   

Here's a Hubpage I created:

I'm proud of this Hubpage.  I think it is gorgeous

If you would like Ducktoes to create Hubpages for your company's internet marketing, our web design team does content creation.  We can also help your transfer your Squidoo lenses.