Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Join the Discussion in your Niche

Some advice I give all my SEO clients is to start talking to other experts in their niche.  For instant if you are a catering company, I'd advise you go to other catering companies' blogs or food blogs and comment on their posts.  If you are a home builder go to new home design or construction blogs, and do the same. Talk to others and when they reply to you, answer back.

That way, whatever your niche is, you'll participate in a community, become even more of an expert in your field and niche, have more ideas to use in your own business, and your blog. You may even increase traffic to your site.  I use to advise that you would use your company name as the name and link back to your site.  But now I advise, since Matt Cutts suggested it, is just to use your own name.

Here's the video:

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