Thursday, March 5, 2015

Google Sending Mobile-User Friendly Warnings to Webmasters

Twice in the last week I've gotten an email from Google Webmaster Tools telling me that client sites are not mobile friendly.  They look like this:

I really appreciate this because it will motivate my clients and me to get all our client sites mobile-friendly which I want them to be anyway.  It gives me a reason to urge reluctant clients to come onboard with the mobile responsive changes.  Also Google may start including mobile responsiveness as part of their ranking algorithm and this gives my web designers and me a chance to fix them before the ranking begins.

According to Search Engine Land, Google is sending these emails to a massive amount of webmasters and company owners.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sitemap your Site for SEO

Crank your Rank

There are two different types of sitemaps, .xml and html.  The first you do for bots and the other for people. Both are great for SEO.  Both are white hat SEO techniques if you want to crank up rank without risking Penguin or Panda penalties.

Sitemaps help users and bots find webpages and information on your site.

XML Sitemap
The .xml one you can make with a free tool at You then log into your Google Webmaster Tools and upload it. Now the bots are more likely to find and index all the pages on your site.

Html Sitemap
The Html sitemap is just a web page listing all the links within your site, so your users can easily find what they are looking for.  Google and other search engine love user-friendly sites so you can't go wrong with making things easier for the visitors to your site.
Html sitemaps make your site more user-friendly.

You can use important keywords for the various pages on the html one, in fact you should use keywords.  After creating the sitemap, put a link to it in the menu where it is easy to see and use.

Here's an actual Html sitemap for DawsCo Coffee Services, a Calgary office coffee services company.

If you'd like help making your sitemaps, Ducktoes SEO Services of Calgary can do it for you.