Sunday, May 5, 2013

How I Started Doing SEO

I started doing SEO by getting my Ducktoes Computer Services site to number one on page one for the search terms "Calgary computer repair" and "Calgary virus removal."  I did it largely by trial and error.  I made changes on my site and if the site went up in page rank, I'd do more of the same.  If it went down, I'd do less or, more likely, none of the same.  I found that posting to my blog made my site go up, as did placing keywords in the text and description.  I started using Open Site Explorer to keep an eye on my backlinks.  It is still is the easiest tool to use and understand for backlinks, even if it doesn't see a lot of links and doesn't update as often as some of the others.

Starting out, I found two resources helpful and I still agree with them:  Chris Azzari got me to use press releases with his post about five ways to improve page authority PRweb and some high-ranking directories.   And Rob Dogg's post about high-ranking do-follow blogs helped me learn about page rank and getting good links.

Now things have changed and I'm more careful about directories and do follow links.  I've found that a few links go a long way if they're decent and if the site has great content.

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