Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making Links

The most important part of SEO is creating a decent site.  Yet I've discovered that sometimes this is not enough on its own.  I found this out because I have a client who had a wonderful site with tons of good content and photos, but it was not on page one for her keywords. It was not even on page 100. It stayed on page 107 for over a year. I built a few links and her site went to page one fairly quickly.  Now she is first on the first page for her main keywords. Here is her site.  Her main keywords are "Calgary catering."  Now I'm working on getting her in first for Calgary Caterers.

The owner blogs a lot, is a good writer, and hires a photographer for great custom photos...this is key to her success.  The site needed a few good links too and she was off to the top.

I build links mostly by commenting on high-ranking, relevant blogs and sometimes submitting to some good, high-ranking directories.  For this client I didn't have to submit to directories because her content was so good that a few no follow links and some slight onsite optimization keep her on the top.  The blogs are mostly no follow but they still seem to boost page rank.  Some of her suppliers link to her too.

Matt Cutts said commenting on relevant, good blogs was fine and recommended in one video submitting to high-ranking directories.  He said these things in 2011 and 2012 and I'm assuming it is still okay today.

I also have written quality, thoughtful articles but this is so time-consuming for the amount of links you get.

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