Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do Not Get Sucked into The Blackhole of Blackhat SEO

Do get sucked into the black hole of black hat SEO.

Do not get sucked into the blackhole of blackhat SEO. It may not really be bottomless, but it is hard to return.  You will have all your SEO juice squeezed out of you as you pass on to the other side of Penguin. Then you'll be requesting removal from unsavory sites and disavowing, disavowing, disavowing until you want to puke or else abandoning your domain and starting over.  Whois and Google Webmaster Tools will seem like good friends.

Do not use article sites unless they are very reputable and you have wonderful, articulate things to say and nofollow your links.  Do not use automatic anything.  Do not hire a cheap company from India or anywhere else that will give you a million and one links....that's a lot of disavowing coming your way.

In my last post I showed you an article on how to improve your SEO by blog posting. Another way is to familiarize yourself with everything that Matt Cutts says.  I'll talk about that more in my next post.

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