Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Never Worry about Penguin Again: SEO Experiment Revisited

Well, I couldn't keep blogging during my vacation in Europe.  For that reason, I won't know the results to my SEO experiment's  for many more weeks.  The experiment is supposed to find out whether or not blogging four to five times a week will improve a website's ranking, so we never have to worry about ranking or Penguin updates again.  An internet marketing expert claimed that this was true. All we have to do is write. To read more about the experiment click here.

My family and I went on two river cruises back-to-back and I just couldn't find much time to write blog posts. The wifi on the boats was too spotty and slow when I did have a moment or two.  I was too busy anyway going on walking tours in wonderful cities like Rouen, France, and Bamberg, Germany, watching the river of the farmland, forests, and the medieval castles and towns as we floated by, spending time with my family, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

My Ducktoes site did go down in ranking a couple of places for the keywords "Calgary computer repair" when I stopped blogging for the two weeks, so maybe that's an indication. Now I'm writing a lot again.  I think I'll give it a couple of months before I decide whether it worked or not.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Great Free SEO Tool

I discovered a great free tool for internet marketers or anyone wanting to check their Google ranking. By Google ranking I don't mean the page rank number that you find in the Google tool bar, but where you are on the search results page. For instance, if you are fifth from the top your rank would be "5." If you are fifth from the top on the second page your rank would be "15." This tool tracks that ranking over time. If you have a lot of sites you're trying to track, it comes in very useful. The tool is called Rank Checker Ace which is also the domain:

Rank Checker Ace has a simple, easy to use interface:

To add a site, all you do is click "New Url" then fill in the details of Url name, keywords, search engines such as Google or Bing you want to track for.  Here is a how-to on how to add a site you want to track.  Here is their complete how-to guide.

If you like the tool, you consider donating to it.  I did.

Please note that after I wrote this post Rank Checker Ace became Pro Rank Tracker.   It still is free but only for up to 50 terms, and it still is a great tool to check your rankings.  I am going to pay because I use it so much.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Google PageRank is Not Dead After All

I don't know if you noticed, but Google updated its toolbar PageRank last week on December 6th. This was a surprise for many of us since it hadn't been updated since February, 2013.  Because of the inactivity many internet marketing and seo experts speculated PageRank was dead. They were wrong.
My sites went up in pagerank.

I for one am happy Google did not pull the plug on PageRank.  Many of my sites went up.

PageRank shows how popular a website is.  It is only one factor in 200 or so that determines ranking in Google search results, however, so it is definitely not as important as it once was.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SEO Experiment on Ducktoes Blog

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about an internet marketing expert who said all you have to do to never worry about a Penguin update again is write four or five blog posts a week.  So I decided to experiment with my Ducktoes blog and have written 15 posts in three weeks.  So far I have only moved up one place in ranking but we shall see.

I write about the SEO experiment's progress here.  We shall see soon enough or maybe in a few weeks.  It takes awhile for things to progress on Google ranking.

I'm hoping to be number one for the keywords "Calgary computer repair."

Penguin Christmas present to my own website, if it works, that is.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Learn SEO from Matt Cutt's Videos the Short and Easy Way

I try to follow every word Matt Cutts says and learn what is good for SEO and not so good.  I watch the videos.  However this can take a large amount of time that I don't have.  So recently I was really, really happy to find The Short Cutts website.  It gives you very short answers to the questions posed until you have time to watch the whole thing.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do Not Get Sucked into The Blackhole of Blackhat SEO

Do get sucked into the black hole of black hat SEO.

Do not get sucked into the blackhole of blackhat SEO. It may not really be bottomless, but it is hard to return.  You will have all your SEO juice squeezed out of you as you pass on to the other side of Penguin. Then you'll be requesting removal from unsavory sites and disavowing, disavowing, disavowing until you want to puke or else abandoning your domain and starting over.  Whois and Google Webmaster Tools will seem like good friends.

Do not use article sites unless they are very reputable and you have wonderful, articulate things to say and nofollow your links.  Do not use automatic anything.  Do not hire a cheap company from India or anywhere else that will give you a million and one links....that's a lot of disavowing coming your way.

In my last post I showed you an article on how to improve your SEO by blog posting. Another way is to familiarize yourself with everything that Matt Cutts says.  I'll talk about that more in my next post.

Never Worry about Penguin Again?

While using Scoop It to find more information about web design, I came across and scooped this article: about never worrying about a Google algorithm update again. This sounds great to me, since I spend a lot of time worrying and one major worry is Google updates.  The trick, according to the article, is to write four or five posts in your blog every week.  This is huge, huge, huge if it works and in the also huge in the amount of workload but definitely doable and if it effective, I will be ecstatic.

I know that having a blog works for SEO but I didn't know it worked that well.

I am experimenting to see if it really does improve my SEO and writing about it on my Ducktoes Blog.